Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Episode 8 of Backroom Pitching - Killers Killers

Yes, we're back after a short hiatus with medical issues! You can download it right here!

This week we discuss the finer things in television such as Workaholics, Breaking Bad, The League and Legit. Breaking Bad talking takes over the first thirteen minutes, so just a heads up that spoilers abound!

We also take a quick look at Ubisoft and the current trend of yearly release.
Spoilers for AssCreed Brotherhood.

GTA4 isn't fun to play but Saints Row 3 is too easy.

We completely talk around Bioshock Infinite because Harrison is poor.

Lara Croft should have been a bisexual!

2012 was year of the Indies and 2013 is killing off the stupidity in the industry.

3D is the litmus test to make sequels.

Primal Carnage is dino-cray!

And this week we pitch....a new show on Showtime...

...who's in it? What's it about you'll have to listen to find out?

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