Saturday, 28 January 2012

Welcome to Wallflower January 27th

So I've been covering the Wollongong GameJam for the past 24 hours, but before that all happened I was making some musics

For a download just click for more!

Monday, 23 January 2012

MAGFEST X - Mega Man 2 Live

Yes, this is a video of a guy who plays MegaMan 2 live, while a band plays the entire soundtrack to the game matching with the guy's trajectory through the game... yes it is that awesome.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Friday, 13 January 2012

January 13th Welcome to Wallflower

Another week, another stream.

Feel like it's my best yet, mixing everything from Elton John to Nas and Arctic Monkeys to Skrillex. This is me testing out a few tracks for a friend's birthday coming up. It's in February and I'll record some footage from it in the future.

Download is just a click away

SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS: What LCD Soundsystem meant to me

Watch it!
That is the new trailer for the upcoming documentary about the dance-punk outfit LCD Soundsystem and the head of the band and DFA Records, James Murphy. I tweeted last night after finally waiting all day to watch the trailer that if there was one person in the world I'd want to know more about, it's James Murphy.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Heroes Spoke at Magfest

Okay I have a lot of heroes but my vidya and internet heroes, the guys from Hey Ash Watcha Playin' spoke at MagFest and here is the full hour of it.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Great UnAustralian Songbook - Disc 2: This Century

So welcome back, it looks like we're up to Disc 2 and we're apparently up to my generation's music. The "This Century" generation or the iGeneration or whatever the hell our abomination of people between 18-25 are called that isn't exactly Gen X....anyway, here's part two of The Great UnAustralian Songbook.

I know it's incredibly belated, but guess what I was gonna be Un-UnAustralian and talk about what I wanted to talk about originally and be a bit lazy in the process.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2011: A Year of Things Getting Done.

I have a flimsy premise of a life. I think that if anyone had to write an outline for it, they'd get stuck in the first act and be like, where is this going? What the fuck is he doing there? How did he even get there? For the twentieth year in my story, things were looking bleak from the beginning.

Recently broken up with, jobless, overweight with a very thin outlook. I brought in the new year getting drunk and hit in the balls with a good friend of mine. I woke up on the first of January, 2011 bleary-eyed and with a pad and pen jotted out what I wanted to do this year. I turned to the first blank page I had, after a long list of ideas and things I'd done in Melbourne in 2010. This year was going to be something different, something new.
Okay nothing that new...

First thing I wrote down:

Be less of a dick

Train Conductor 2 Review for Android

The following review was posted on on December 28th of 2011. It was originally written during the wee hours of Christmas morning whilst watching Community and waiting for my entire family to wake up and start cracking open presents. I had to wait through a long breakfast of my mother making juice with her new blender and a large amount of toast, bacon and eggs to be made. Between breakfast duties, I got a lot of games of Train Conductor 2 and showed it off to my relatives. 
They were amazed something like that existed, let alone on phones. Those with Smart Phones even bought it with their new iTunes cards they got over Christmas. It was awesome. Firstly, the creators are Australian and secondly, the game is tons of fun. It's hard to criticise something that is so much fun. That's why I rarely complain about sex or Futurama or Community or the works of Christopher Nolan. It's just too much fun and great to look back on, but I think any criticism, no matter how petty, just shows how jaded I really am.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What is Modern Warfare?

The original post was on on the 22nd of December, 2011. The article was originally meant to about a review of the game Goldeneye Reloaded but went into something else entirely. It is available to read here.

The year has been full of both rich and poor player experiences for those who are fans of looking down a scope to take out an enemy. This has been, as Mr. Ben Croshaw put it, Shooter Season 2011 and that with hardly a good game, that doesn't have you playing as a gruff soldier or a random dude in a first person perspective for a few hours, been available for a good quarter of the year, it's been a good time to catch up on indie games...or just beg game companies for a demo copy of this or that game.

I eventually gave in and bought Battlefield 3 and enjoyed the experience, even tried out the single player portion of the title. But as I had been a fan of Bad Company 2, I felt justified in my purchase. It was also the first non-Steam or PSN title I had bought in some time that was not being bought for the initial or single player campaign. Yes, I went out and bought a game just for the multiplayer and I felt dirty.
But good looking and dirty...

The JRPG and You

The following editorial was originally posted on on the 29th of Decmember of 2011 and can be viewed here. The beginning was an original opening I was toying with and eventually cut due to it's overwritten nature, I've left it in because this is a blog and I needed something to entice a reader into possibly reading more...other than just the READ MORE button. In the article, I draw a comparison between the stories, histories and the genre of gaming, that are Western Shooters and Japanese Role Playing Games. Each a reflection on the cultural history on each country (American and Japan, respectively) and also a form of genre which has grown stale and how other countries/genre's have rectified it so.

It was written some time after I'd spent some time playing the 2009 game, Demon's Souls. The game was incredibly difficult and got me thinking about one of my least favourite genre's: JRPG's. Whilst I grew up playing Pok√©mon and one of my favourite games from a few years ago was The World Ends with You, I had felt that people had looked down on those who had not been playing Final Fantasy every year of their life, should not be playing JRPG's and considering I am quite time constrained, the whole genre kind of fell by the wayside in my catalogue of games. Like it's more social cousin, the MMORPG,  the time heavy and plot driven ideology, which JRPG's push often give off an air of the Greek epic such as those by Homer or the unconquerable Ulysses by Joyce. However, my adolescent experience, playing games such as Final Fantasy X, had left me cold and grinded down to a point where I'd never really want to play the games again. But Demon's Souls was a JRPG...why did I feel different playing this.

Let's explore shall we...

Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome to Wallflower

First mix of 2012 and I'm back on top!

Seriously, so many aborted mixes between the last time I mixed and now and I'm just glad I finally got at least one mix I'm happy with.
So enjoy with a downloadable cut-up mix is below :)